The “Year of Wellness” is becoming the “YEARS” of wellness, and so it’s time for kindergarten through third graders to get out their crayons and colored pencils to provide artwork for the 2017 Year of Wellness calendar.

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The Year of Wellness (YOW) task force is proud to continue to recognize youth contributions and participation by requesting artwork from kindergarten through third grade students for our 2017 Health and Wellness Calendar.  Last year over 18,000 calendars were distributed throughout the County.  Two of the greatest protective factors for our youth are school attachment and positive public recognition.  This is an effort to build resiliency in our youth regardless of other factors they face outside of the classroom.  By providing a drawing for the YOW calendar, they will have both.  Our calendar theme this year is Mind, Body, Balance—Being Well.  We are asking all k-3rd grade students to submit a drawing that portray this health and wellness theme of “feeling good.”


Suggested prompts:  “I feel good when I … ”

Move Well

Think Well

Lead Well

Create Well

Eat Well

Stay Well

Submission Process:

Be sure to include student name, grade and school on original artwork.  Must be on  template – available at Tillamook County Library branches or here at this link:

For homeschool and private facilities, please provide contact phone number.

Deliver back to school office or county library


Place artwork in a large Manilla envelope provided by YOW.

Last Date of Submission: 10/21/2016  (To be pick up on 10/24/16)

Selection Process:

Initial selection committee will be High School ASB members

10 finalists will be selected within each of the school districts & 10 at large (40 total)

YOW Task Force members will select final 12 images for the year

Celebration of winners will include drawing featured in 2017 calendar and recognition by YOW Task Force

Contact Information: DeAnna Pearl, M.A.T, B.S., C.P.S. Steering Committee Year of Wellness (503) 842-8201 x 270

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