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A New Year brings renewed commitment to one’s health, and Tillamook County is fortunate to have a variety of resources, support groups, classes and more to help our community be happier and healthier.   Whether you want to add more walking (there are indoor options!), fitness class at the YMCA or NCRD, an art class (OSU Extension and Art Accelerated have some great options) or seek out help with a chronic illness – YOW and Tillamook County have the resources for you.

Here are classes and support groups available through Adventist Health in partnership with Northwest Seniors and Disability Services. All the classes are FREE. For more information, contact Ginny Gabel, Adventist Health Community Health Educator at 503-815-2270,

Living Well with Chronic Conditions – This program will help you learn new ways to deal with issues caused by many chronic conditions. Over 6 weeks cover such topics as handling stress and depression, talking to your provider, managing medications and fighting fatigue and frustrations. Group discussion is the basis for this program developed by Stanford University.

Diabetes Self-Management – This introductory workshop is designed to help the diabetic take management of their condition. Over 6 weeks, it covers monitoring blood sugars, nutrition, activity, stress, medication usage and problem solving techniques. This program, developed by Stanford University, has been found to lower the diabetic’s A1C and decrease related symptoms.

Living Well with Chronic Pain – This interactive program is designed to help those living with chronic pain learn to improve their ability to manage it and other symptoms day to day. Over the 6-week course, participants will learn different techniques and tools that have been tested and found to be very helpful. One new idea or concept may help you turn the corner and realize that you no longer have to let pain control your life.

Cancer: Thriving & Surviving – Cancer survivors have similar concerns and problems, regardless of the type of cancer they experience. They must deal not only with their cancer, but also with the impact it has on their lives and emotions. This 6-week class will help participants gain self-confidence in the ability to control symptoms and
learn how their health problems affect their lives. The small group meets once a week and is highly interactive, focusing on building skills, sharing experiences and support.

Savvy Caregiving — This is a practical education overview of Alzheimer’s and other related dementias for both the professional or non-professional. In this class you will learn better approach techniques, effective ways to increase family involvement, and how to reduce adverse impacts of caregiving. Information presented here can help improve the daily life of the care receiver and caregiver. You will be able to connect with many available community resources.

Powerful Tools for Caregiving – This is a 6-week class for family caregivers of older adults. It is designed to restore balance between caring for others and caring for yourself. The goal is to help caregivers to thrive, not merely survive. Class participants report they have increased confidence and ability to cope with the demands of caregiving and fewer feelings of anger, guilt and depression. Respite Care is available by calling Mollie Reding at 503-815-2272.

More resources will be available through Rinehart Clinic as they launched a comprehensive diabetes risk reduction program in 2017 in North Tillamook County aimed at reducing some of the barriers faced by residents with uncontrolled diabetes. Statistics indicate that nearly 33 percent of adults in Tillamook County are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes. Education about healthy lifestyle choices is part of the program, and Rinehart Clinic has found the most important factor in bringing about positive change is creating a supportive group environment. The program has been under way since mid-summer 2017 and the clinic is already seeing positive outcomes in terms of lowered blood sugar (A1C) numbers in some of its patients. Workshop series and other programs will be continued in 2018; watch for more information. Community members interested in participating can call 1-800-368-5182, Ext. 101 to learn more.

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