The Year of Wellness (YOW) is a broad, all-encompassing wellness campaign. Because YOW is so multi-faceted, it can be hard to navigate between the many different aspects. This is how it works.

As an someone participating in YOW, here is the map to navigate the many ways you can participate.

As an someone participating in YOW, here is the map to navigate the many ways you can participate.

Groups or businesses will submit a team name and leader (for instance, the Tillamook County Health Department) through the “Organization Form” found on the homepage under “Count Me In!”. On January 1st, individuals will be able to select your team name when registering and sign up as part of a group. Don’t have a group? Don’t stress about it. You can also sign up as an individual.

If you are not able to access the internet on a weekly basis, you can participate in the YOW through the “In Print” method. Resources will be posted at designated distribution points throughout Tillamook County. More information on where these will be coming soon!

Once you are done with registration, you can track your health through certain categories.



Once a week, you can login and estimate your average daily participation in these categories. It is important to know that you do not have to be part of the competition to participate in the challenge. You can track your health categories without competing against anyone but yourself!

Speaking of the YOW competition, there will be four of them throughout the year in two categories (individual and group). They will be 12 weeks each and points will be awarded by doing well in each of the health categories. More information on prizes to come!

There will also be events and programs offered through partner organizations that the YOW will highlight and make participation a “weekly challenge”. These could include free fitness classes or education talks, that will bring the community together to improve the health of everyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Connor Dixon at

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