There are many metaphorical roads: the high road, the long and winding road, and perhaps even, the road not taken. What road on you on? Whatever road it is and where you are on it is most likely a result of your past experiences. Few of us ever create a road map and those who do are rarely able to avoid the inevitable detours life throws at us. But the road is important and the way you are headed determines whether you are fit or unwell, prosperous or struggling, content or resentful.

So it is imperative that we zoom out for a larger view of our life. Where am I? Where am I headed if I keep traveling down this road? Is this really where I want to end up? If it isn’t, how do you stop the momentum to get turned around and heading in the opposite direction? How do you overcome the sense that it is too hard to change course at this point in the journey? What is the alternative to doing nothing? Isn’t it worth making the decision to change? What small step can you make today to begin heading down the road you desire?

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