What began as an idea for a fun PE class has turned into a new community recreation asset. Thanks to the efforts of Jamie Dixson, Athletic Director and PE teacher, students at East Elementary and Tillamook Junior High School have a new disc golf course and curriculum added to their PE programming. The new Bohannon Disc Golf Course is also open to the public and hosted its inaugural tournament on May 30th.

Dixson frequently brings in members of the community and outside experts to introduce students to a variety of physical activities as part of the Junior High PE curriculum. Last year two pro disc golfers come to the school to teach a unit on disc golf. Kids of all athletic abilities were able to be successful at the sport and really liked it. Dixson realized they had the space to add a course within the school’s sports complex and got to work raising funds to bring the idea to fruition.

Located at 3906 Alder Lane in Tillamook, the Bohannon Disc Golf Course was built around Bud’s Community Fitness Trail at Tillamook Junior High School, just behind Tillamook Bowling Lanes. Like Bud’s Trail, the disc golf course has been made possible solely through grants and fundraisers. According to Dixson who has led the fundraising efforts, “Bud’s Fitness Trail and the Bohannon Disc Golf Course are works in progress. As donations come in, we are able to add more amenities to the facilities.”

When not in use for school programming, the course is open to the public, free of charge. Community members are encouraged to use the course and should be aware that it is a multi-use facility. Safety and respect for other users is important and may require flexibility of play, such as skipping a basket, depending on how many users are on the course at the same time. People are also reminded they need to respect neighboring property lines and school use. A sign located by the first station, or tee box, outlines the rules of play.

For more information, contact Jamie Dixson at (503 ) 812-8710 or Collin Walker at (503) 380-0484.

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