Being Active: One of the Keys to Cancer Prevention

By Michelle Jenck, M.Ed., Coordinator, Tillamook County Year of Wellness Cancer has touched almost everyone’s life in some way.  Either we have personal experience or know someone who has battled the disease.  I recently asked a group of high school students how large a role they thought genetics played in a person’s chances of getting […]

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The Mighty Calorie and a Mighty Good BBQ Bean Recipe

By Michelle Jenck, M.Ed., Coordinator Year of Wellness Calories are a pretty big deal.  If we don’t consume enough of them, we starve.  If we get too many, we gain weight.  Both can have very serious health consequences over time.  Getting the ideal number of calories is the goal but that is easier said than […]

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The Road to Wellness

There are many metaphorical roads: the high road, the long and winding road, and perhaps even, the road not taken. What road on you on?

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