Chill Out with Fresh Shrimp Gaspacho

By Laura Swanson No matter how you spell it — Gaspacho or Gazpacho — it’s a deliciously easy summer time picnic meal that sounds exotic and gourmet. It does have lots of flavor, is packed with veggies, but the most “difficult” part is chopping, and waiting for the soup to chill. Gaspacho, originating in Spain, […]

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Communicating Your Health Needs – A Conversation with Helen Osborne

Wednesday May 3 at 9 am – 11 am North County Recreation District (NCRD) Theater Health literacy happens when patients and health care providers truly understand each other.  Learn about and share ways to more clearly and effectively communicate with your health care provider. Who should attend?  Patients, seniors, family members, healthcare providers, administrators, caregivers, […]

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What is Lent?

Ash Wednesday, March 1st – Start of Lent Millions of Christians are preparing to celebrate Lent – a time of year that many non-believers may associate with fasting or abstinence. But there is a lot more to the religious observance than giving up something, as it is regarded as a period of spiritual preparation to […]

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