Tillamook County Wellness (formerly the “Year of Wellness”) operates under Tillamook County Community Health Centers/Public Health Department.  Leadership and accountability for this grass-roots population health improvement coalition are provided by an advisory committee whose members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

Since its inception in 2015, this effort has focused on building relationships among friends, family, and co-workers, between organizations, and with leadership at the local and state level to improve community health in ways that prevent chronic disease, reduce healthcare costs and improve quality of life.

Tillamook County Wellness is the result of a strategically aligned network of community partners, all working toward a common goal. Through collective action, we seek to shape the systems and environments where people live, work, play, learn and age in ways that positively influence health behaviors.

Our vision is that Tillamook County communities will be places where:

  1. Healthful choices are the norm;
  2. Creating a healthy community is the responsibility of the community and not just the individual;
  3. All health services care for the whole person; and
  4. Individuals feel empowered by their community to engage in healthful lifestyles.

We strive to ensure that Tillamook County residents have evidence-informed, relevant health and wellness information at their fingertips.

We encourage you to explore our website to see our latest blogs and recipes. View our Resources and Calendar pages to learn how you can get connected to wellness activities in your community. “Like” and follow us on Facebook for more wellness news, events and programs.

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Great things happen when people come together with a common goal – to improve the health of their community.

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