“Year” of Wellness Leads to “Years” of Wellness

2016 was declared a “Year of Wellness” by the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners, and the idea was embraced by community members and organizations alike. The overwhelming support of this collaborative effort has led to the continuation of YOW as the “Years of Wellness.” Celebrate 2017 with YOW events and activities. Resources and information are available in the YOW 2017 calendar, inserted this week in the Headlight-Herald and the Tillamook County Shopper. You can also find it at your local library branches.

The calendar is packed full of useful information including classes, support groups, seasonal food recommendations, healthy tips and activity suggestions for every month.   This is your go-to guide for health and wellness events and local activities. Each month features artwork by Tillamook County elementary school students giving their advice for “being well”.

During its first year, YOW engaged thousands in our community to make small changes toward healthier habits. YOW empowers our community to achieve a lifetime of wellness with fun, easy, low/no-cost ways to reach these goals. Learn how to manage stress, improve eating habits, quit smoking, and be more active. The 2017 calendar is one of the many resources YOW provides to improve our community’s health and wellness.

YOW is designed to motivate action with education and outreach at community events. Quarterly wellness sessions – available online (tillamookcountyhealthmaters.org) or as an app (Tillamook County YOW) – provide a simple tracking tool to record progress in important areas, such as eating healthier, drinking more water, improving sleep, being more active, eliminating tobacco use and reducing screen time. This is more than another fitness tracker – this is your community’s new normal.   Are you in? Join the YOW wellness sessions as an individual or put together a team. There are prizes for participating, and a trophy for the winning team.

The YOW calendar, available in print and on the YOW website, is your go-to guide for health and wellness activities and events throughout the county.   It includes dates for wellness classes, workshops, sports team registrations, support groups, and other community resources. This year the theme “Mind-Body Balance: Being Well” highlights the connection between physical and mental health. How we think and feel affects our health and vice versa. Make this the year that you learn “how to YOW” and take advantage of the easy, fun ways you can achieve a healthier, happier life. For more information, go to tillamookcountyhealthmatters.org or download the Tillamook County YOW app today.


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